For Your Convenience Kit

Visual Inconsideration


For your convenience kit: For designers design process.

For Your Convenience: Here's a Writepad 
Initial stage of a design development where taking down notes and research is an essential process. Quotes and phrases are recommended here as part of motivational boost and a kickstart for the idea development.Designed with the usual lines from the foolscap paper.

For Your Convenience: Here's a Sketchpad
Rough sketches expected here as part of the idea development. The conversion of ideas from brain to paper starts here. Engineered with good quality tracing paper on each alternate page,this helps to process sketches from external sources such as photographs or layouts to compliment the visual design process.

For Your Convenience: Here's a Gridpad
This would be at the final stage of development, where processes are fine tuned and priority attention that goes to details.Negative and posititive executions are encouraged thats guided by the grid lines just like how you'd find when working on a graph paper.