Language of Design


WADEZIG! x VI: Language of Design from Visual Inconsideration on Vimeo.



WADEZIG! released a collaborative tee project with Visual inconsideration(VI), an independent design studio from Singapore which aims to brings forth visual design ideologies to the street culture community both in Bandung and Singapore. Inspired by the fundamental philosophies of VI's 3 'G's - Gestalt Theory / Grids / Geometry, VI adapted the concept of basic minimal principles to the visuals of WADEZIG!'s design community and street culture. 

Geometry has always played a major role in our design process. Geometry helps to describe the mood and emotions of the artists and allows them to convey a particular message at its most simplistic forms. Geometric shapes are form fields, such as squares, rectangles, circles, cubes, balls, cones, and other regular shapes, and in this case, our favourite Hexagon. For VI, the principle of geometry is one of the fundamental principles to every design process.

Gestalt theory is all about visual perception and the psychology of art. This relates to the relationship between the parts and the whole composition. Gestalt has five main concepts, including closure, continuity, similarity, proximity, and alignment. For VI, gestalt theory is an interesting play with visual perception and interpretation that would create visual story to every design executed.

In graphic design, the grid is a structure (usually two-dimensional) which consists of a series of straight or curved lines intersecting (vertical, horizontal, and angle) to form the content. The grid serves as a cover in which a designer can arrange graphical elements (images, text, paragraphs) in a rational and systematic manner. For VI, the grid is the art of balance, organization, and flow which is the very basis of all design thinking and executions.

This resulted in the latest collection of three exclusive t-shirt series, titled "Geometry: The Language of Design", "Gestalt: The Language of Design", and "Grid: The Language of Design". This series is inspired by three theories that is rarely applied by artists in the process of T-shirt designing. This is an exclusive limited edition series and is available at Wadezig! for Indonesia and Visual Inconsideration for everywhere else.

Limited edition tees available in sizes S / M / L / XL